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North CourtDevelopments Ltd came about in year 2000 as a result of the Shareholders looking for a new investment opportunity, one in which they had significant expertise. Discussions ensued and developed into plans that needed a vehicle to ensure a true business relationship - North Court.

Their personal experience in the construction industry generally has bore them in good stead to establish, consolidate and expand a highly successful Company with specific interest in the high class housing market. 

In more recent times the noticeable quality and impressive commitment of all employees and operatives has attracted private Clients to approach the Company to construct their planned schemes. Whilst this was not the original intention of the business selected high class schemes have proved attractive divergences.

The Company embraces the enlightened construction principle of partnering and hopes to advance such ideals into the contracting side of the business. The most important subcontract trades and supply chain are also chosen form select lists of quality contractors and merchants. A significant database of quality products is established, maintained and utilized for the benefit of all Clients.

Some early works were sublet to partners, however all management and building works are now undertaken directly byNorth Courtin order to ensure that their ideals are stamped on all aspects of all projects. 

All projects are registered with a mortgage guarantee company; NHBC, Premier or Zurich.

The balance of age and experiences within the Company ensures that we keep up to date with prevailing trends and styles; a keen eye and positive attitude towards innovation and technology ensures thatNorth Courtwill not fall behind the market leaders.

Innovation and good taste are important to the Directors though a good job, on time at a profit have always been amongst the unwritten policies and that have carriedNorth Courtforward along side the promise of style and quality.


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